Why Are Democrats So Angry All The Time?

It is often said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, but expecting a different result each time. This is more accurately an example of insanity rather than its true definition, which concerns a disordered mental state. Either statement seems to fit Democrats and would explain why they are so angry all of the time: it’s frustration!

The anger stems from the fact that their solutions to the ills of our society have been tried and tried again, yet they always seem to end in failure. Their answer? Throw more money at the problem! Throw more regulations at the problem! Yet no amount of money or regulation seems to result in an actual remedy to any societal problem.

This is really, really frustrating for Democrats as they keep trying, but keep failing. Instead of admitting that top-down regulation and wealth confiscation only lead to making everyone poorer, less innovative and more miserable, they just keep pressing the same, stale ideas.

It’s like a football team that has speedy, talented receivers and weak, slow running backs. The Democrats are like a coach who keeps saying “We are a running team. We run the ball!” Instead of playing to their strengths and getting the passing game going, they just keep miserably plodding along.

Here are some examples of areas that Democrats have promised to cure, yet have come up short every time.

Wealth Redistribution

Radical wealth egalitarianism seems to be a major goal of the Democrats. Their ideal society is said to be one where there isn’t much distance from the wealthiest to the poorest.

Despite all their efforts, we live in an age where those at the top: Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet have a gazillion times more wealth than someone cleaning a hotel room or making hamburgers at a Wendy’s.

They’ve tried to tax it, regulate it, limit it, minimum wage it  and confiscate it, yet inequality of wealth persists through the generations. 

You might be asking yourself why a flat distribution of wealth is even a good thing in the first place? Does it make any sense that a person who came up with an extraordinarily useful idea that benefits all of humanity be compensated at the same rate as someone who performs a completely fungible task like cleaning? 

Our progressive tax code is supposed to flatten wealth distribution. The funny thing is that Democrats have been exposed time and again for not wanting to live by the rules they’ve set. Democrats have been some of the richest members of congress, and have taken advantage of all the tax loopholes they’ve left in place.

A look at the wealthiest members of congress yields plenty of Democrats! They’ve had plenty of opportunities to impose a stringent no-loophole tax regime that confiscates most of the wealth at the top. After all, we’re told, “do you really need it?” 

But time and again, all they’ve succeeded in is weak watered down measures that ensure the richest Democrats will stay that way. Meanwhile, they’ll angrily denounce obstructionist Republicans. 

So, their anger seems to originate with the fact that they want their cake…and they want to eat it too.

Education and Race

These are other areas where Democrats get very, very angry. Nothing makes Democrats angrier than a conservative woman of color. The ire of the Democrat party and its media support structure towards women like Condoleezza Rice, Candace Owens, Winsome Sears is truly intense.

For generations now, the Democrat party has preached that the only salvation for people of color in the United States is to vote for its slate of candidates. Had they really had any useful solutions, life in Black and Brown communities would be truly a utopia for all the years they’ve had complete political control. 

Instead, Democrat-run cities are experiencing a tragic surge in crime, claiming hundreds of lives each year for decades. Schools in these areas have high rates of dropouts and underserved students. 

Word is getting out that free-market solutions and deregulation are vastly improving outcomes for these deserving students. Charter schools are often very successful. A quick search of sites like greatschools.org and niche.com will show you that charter or private schools in areas of color are often producing great, motivated, educated students, and satisfied parents.

Yet these charter and private schools are derided by Democrats constantly because they challenge the domination of the labor unions. With people in these communities gravitating towards innovative free-market schools, Democrats know they are losing control, and they hate it!


Democrats frequently point to Canada, the UK, and Cuba (yes, really!) as models of an egalitarian healthcare system. Why not? It’s free! We all know that free things are always the best quality, right? 

If you want to make a Democrat angry, point out the lengthy wait times for appointments or surgery. Point out the lack of innovation or the rationing of care. Here’s the big one: point out that if something is seriously wrong with your body, no one anywhere travels anywhere but the United States for a life-saving procedure. 

The fact is that we have the best, most innovative healthcare on the planet right here in the United States. People often qualify for subsidized or free care through state agencies. Of course, life-saving emergency care is always provided for anyone who sets foot in a hospital.


Democrats are almost always very good-hearted people. No matter which political party you’re talking about you’ll have your fair share of grifters and scammers who are just looking to gain power or get rich. 

Unfortunately, many Democrats have bought into the idea that regulation and top-down control will result in utopia, and we now know that it most certainly does not. This is a tough pill to swallow for many of our Democrat friends and neighbors and this is why they get so irritated!

We as capitalists, conservatives, libertarians or conservacapitalitarians know that imperfection is inherent in all human endeavors. We know that there will always be an uneven distribution of wealth. We take no pleasure in the existence of poverty, and in fact get deep satisfaction from helping lift each other up and become self-sufficient.

We know that ultimately, a free market system rewards innovation, and incentivizes productivity. It will never result in utopia but gives everyone a better chance at limitless success.