Top 5 Capitalist Memes on Reddit

It just hasn’t been implemented right

This hilarious, laugh out loud meme centers around the same old trope shared by socialists every single time you try to point out how much their system, well, sucks. It’s never that it just can’t work. It’s always that it just hasn’t been properly implemented!

Take Venezuela, for instance. The utopian dream state of Hugo Chavez and Nicolás Maduro has seen its economy crumble alongside despite access to a wealth of natural resources. 

In 1999, Venezuela was a relatively stable country. The Chavez regime took steps to implement top down governmental control in the name of humanitarian socialism right away. Private industry was nationalized, currency and prices were controlled from the top, and farmland was “redistributed” to the poor.

Aren’t these the very fantasies that socialists want to see implemented here in America? They’d love to see a national takeover of the healthcare sector, that’s for sure. We all can’t wait for that! 

Socialists love redistribution policies. They seem to forget that often the people that become rich at doing things like farming or inventing things got that way because they are very good at what they do. As land was redistributed in Venezuela, food production fell 75% in 20 years. The effect was magnified by an overall population increase in that same time.

Capitalists and libertarian voters need to remember: it doesn’t matter how many times we try it. If socialism was going to work, we would know it by now.

Which Button Do I Choose?

This meme works so well by pointing out one of the biggest weak points to the socialist / Marxist / Communist sales pitch. That is, the fact that upwards of 100 million human beings had to die because they were inconvenient to the orthodoxy of socialism.

So, what does the loyal communist do? No wonder they are sweating profusely! “Do I…deny that Stalin didn’t massacre millions?” “Do I deny the purges and famine under Mao?” Hmmm!

Or, should they find a way to dress it up and make it palatable somehow. Perhaps all those murdered peasants, intellectuals, counter-revoloutionaries and dissenters just had to be eliminated to make way for the coming socialistic messiah! 

The one button they definitely can’t push is the third one. The one that admits that a system that runs completely contrary to human nature is incompatible with human rights and free will. This, they can’t admit.

Bonus points for the Return of the Jedi Reference

Most of us are just as cynical about “crony capitalism” as we are about socialism. Politicians from both sides of the aisles are consistently guilty of playing favorites with companies that are willing to do or not do certain things, employ or pay certain people, etc. 

This meme brilliantly addresses the war on small and independent businesses being waged by the politician cronies of the massive corporations.

First, we have a climbing minimum wage. Instead of recognizing that the minimum wage is simply a low floor to prevent a race to the bottom in a looser labor market, the left has told us that the minimum wage is really intended to be a “living wage.” This of course makes no sense if you know the first thing about economics.

In fact, no one has really been able to articulate what a “living wage” even is. They always say “well you should be able to at least afford a place to live!” Well, where? How big? A nice 50th story penthouse overlooking central park? A basement efficiency last remodeled in 1962? 

They never seem to be able to understand that businesses have to pass these costs on, which reduces the buying power of everyone, rich and poor.

Next we move on to onerous regulations, and there are more and more everyday. These used to be relegated to behind the scenes things that customers might not notice. Now, in some areas of the country businesses must charge for bags, or can’t give you a straw without asking. Again, the big businesses will be fine. It's the mom and pops that take it on the chin.

The lockdown is next. The memeist points out how huge businesses were often able to do just fine. Local stores and non-chain or small-chain restaurants found themselves without customers for months.

Progressing backwards

I love this one. First off, there’s something hilarious about good ol’ Karl in those sweet Ray-Ban shades. Do you think Marx would have been a Ray-Ban fan? Or, would he have just worn “sunglasses” i.e., whatever he could get in the government run commissary.

Socialism was invented in a different time and place. Many of the original socialists were good people responding to the brutal and unfair conditions of their time. It was when psudo-religious orthodoxy came to be practiced in the implementation of socialism that we had a problem.

Someone advocating for laws and regulations is just that: a person with a concern. If they use the power of their voice and of their words to inform and advance their ideas that’s good. In the marketplace of ideas, they can be criticized or rejected.

But when a group of socialists seizes power and says, “we are taking that from you” or “you must think as I think!” This is when you end up with the dangerous and deadly dehumaniztion that leads to genocide. When you look at a landlord, factory owner or academic not as a human being but as simply a negative trope, you can do just about anything to them without feeling guilty.

Time and time again, we’ve seen how this script plays out: the USSR, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela. Sorry, here in the USA, we are not interested.

B-b-but it's unfair!

This is another great meme in the spirit of encouraging socialists to simply look in the mirror and really question what it is they are really after. Oftentimes, some of the loudest advocates for socialism seem to be in 2 categories: people who are so rich that it won’t affect them; or people that never succeeded and are expecting others to pay their way.

A lot of noise on the left seems to concern how much those at the top should have. Of course there aren’t very many people at the very top. So, how far down do they extend their snooty “well it must be nice” attitude? If you are successful and dream of owning a Corvette, they’ll give you that “look” and never think about how hard you worked and sacrificed to earn that car.

Some people certainly have naive concern for the less fortunate, and a dangerously low level of economic intelligence. That, we can forgive. But when it’s just envy dressed up in socialist orthodoxy, that’s pretty hard to stomach!