Top 5 Business Laptops for Under $500

Professionals know how important it is to have a laptop that can keep up with their busy lives wherever they go. Whether it's at the local coffee shop, at 30,000 feet in an airplane, in a hotel room or even at home in the living room, a business laptop needs to be lightweight, speedy and dependable. Today’s business person needs to be able to handle multitasking, videoconferencing, accessing the cloud and utilizing a host of different applications. 

At the same time, a lot of business people aren’t gamers, so they don’t need to carry the extra weight and power consumption that the latest online first-person shooter game requires. Fortunately, there are a bunch of great choices, and some are even under $500. All are, obviously, wi-fi enabled. Here are five great choices for budget laptops that strike the perfect balance between price and performance.

2021 ASUS L510 - $349.99

ASUS has been a leader in making high performance, affordable laptops for over 20 years. Infact, ASUS continues to win awards year after year for their lineup of products. Weighing in at about 3.5 pounds, the Asus L510 comes in a cool, iridescent finish that changes color depending on which way you are looking at it. Though it’s available in several configurations, this particular model has:

Amazon users have praised its screen quality and battery life. They like its lightweight, and high speed. The 15.6 inch display is larger than some other computers at this price range and will give you plenty of screen room for multiple windows. It’s easy to use this laptop in low-light situations with it’s backlit keyboard, which is something usually found at a higher price point.

2021 HP 14 inch HD Laptop - $439.99

HP has long been known for its powerful line of laptops. At $439 this is a great option for business people that don’t want to break the bank. This configuration provides an amazing display with 1 million pixels, WLED backlighting and HP’s Brightview technology. The specs are:

One Amazon user liked how well it worked with their stock trading software. Another praised its lightweight. This product is easy to set up so you can get working right away. The battery life really sets this HP laptop apart. It’s been rated at 10.5 hours of video playback, so if you’ve already downloaded several movies, that will keep you occupied for a transatlantic flight! 

If you are streaming video, the battery life is shorter, but still a very generous 9 hours. When you do run it down, HP’s fast charge will get you back in the game quickly.

Dell Inspiron 15 3000 - $469.00

Dell has an incredible lineup of great laptops, and is often the choice of major corporations for their employees work computers. This model is geared towards business people with some great features including:

Amazon users liked its light weight and portability. Reviews pointed out the smooth and fast running of applications on the SSD. Reviewers have been impressed with the overall build quality, along with the included features like a fingerprint reader. The keyboard and trackpad have also been singled out for their high quality. 

One thing that many users will like is a headphone and microphone jack, something many computers below $500 lack. The full keyboard layout includes a number pad, which is a highly desirable feature in a business laptop.

Acer Aspire 5 A515-46-R14K Slim Laptop - $420

One of Acer’s best offerings in the under-$500 category gets great performance out of its AMD Ryzen 3 3350U processor. This puts this laptop on par with the performance of many desktops. If you are making calls in a crowded coffee shop with it, you’ll be able to take advantage of Acer’s Purified Voice technology which cancels out background noise. You can even use Amazon’s Alexa on this computer! Here’s some of the other features:

Acer also includes features like “Acer Color Intelligence” which makes photo editing easy and stunning. You’ll also protect your eyes using this laptop with Acer’s BlueLightShield, which filters out wavelengths of light that are known to cause eye strain. If you are taking a break from your work, you can activate Alexa Show Mode, and turn your laptop into a full featured Echo show, displaying weather, news stories, your pictures and more. 

One amazon user called this “the best laptop deal you can get, full stop.” Another user felt that the display was as good as many gaming computers. It has a whopping 36,164 global ratings on amazon, and 91% 4-5 star reviews, most of which were 5 stars!

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 - $499.36

Coming in at just under that $500 mark is this full-featured product from Lenovo, long a major player in the laptop market. The gorgeous 14 inch FHD display is bordered by narrow bezels, so you can view it from wide angles. Like the Acer, it includes blue-light blocking technology and noise cancellation. The integrated webcam includes a mechanical privacy screen so you can ensure no one can see you after your video call ends. Additionally, this model includes:

Amazon users loved the display. One user called it “crisp and detailed.” The fan noise is said to be quiet and barely noticeable. Other users like its compact size and lightweight. Another user called it a “phenomenal value for the money.”

Grab one of these budget laptops to maximize your ROI while still hitting the mark every time.