5 Best Desks for Your Modern Office

Like it or not, working at home is here to stay for many of us. If you want to be productive and feel like a professional, you need to invest in your workspace. Massive mahogany wood desks might have been impressive 20 years ago, but most people are looking for a clean, minimalist look now. 

These are 5 of the best desks you’ll find on amazon. They have a wide range of features and prices, and are sure to help you think clearer and work harder! Most of these have different colors and materials available for the desktop and legs, so you can match any decor.

Modern desks keep your workspace clean and uncluttered. They have a light and airy feel, so they can be used even in small spaces and apartments. 

Bestier Computer Desk 47 Inch with Storage Shelves Writing Desk with Bookshelf Reversible Home Office Corner Table for Small Space Bedroom, Gray

This practical desk and shelf combo is one of the best reviewed items in its category. Amazon purchasers loved the open air design, which fits well in rooms of nearly any size. Certainly, it won’t clutter up a small office. 

It also comes in 47, 55 and 63 inch sizes and 7 colors: black, black carbon fiber, brown, gray, oak, rustic brown and wash white. With this many options, you’ll find one that can fit in any size room and match whatever other decor and paint color you have. Crossbars on two sides help keep it stable.

With nearly 11,000 global ratings on Amazon, this is one of the most popular desks available. Amazon users liked its price and ease of assembly. Other reviewers agreed that it provides a lot of function in a limited space. This is great for working, gaming, studying or whatever else you want to do!

Techni Mobili Modern Office Desk with Storage, Gray

This super modern option looks a little like a deconstructed traditional desk. The tabletop appears to be floating over the drawers, and the drawers float over the floor. It’s eye-catching and sleek.

The desktop sits 30 inches high, and gives you 51.225 wide by 23.5 inches deep of working space. It features modern, linear hardware. It includes a 2 inch hole in the desktop for running wires to a computer, charger, etc.

One thing to love about this desk is that it looks great on all sides. It doesn’t have to be put up against a wall, because the design is made to admire from the front or back.

Amazon users really liked the ease of assembly. One reviewer even said the instructions were many times easier to follow than the ones they give you at IKEA! The parts come in lettered bags to make the assembly easier.

This desk really makes a statement. In some ways, it looks like a contemporary building with its bold, rectangular lines. With 2 drawers and a cabinet, it mixes this great form with functionality

Ameriwood Home Haven Retro Riser, Desk, White with Gold Legs

If you are looking for a minimalist choice, this is your desk. Nothing could be simpler. It consists of two levels of desktops, supported by retro-style legs, which are evocative of a bent paperclip! This looks like something from a 1960’s motel. It makes me imagine traveling to Cocoa Beach to watch one of the Mercury 7 missions launch!

There are color combinations to suit everyone’s home or office decor. Combinations feature either gold, black or white legs. Whatever combination you choose, the tallest part of the desk is 35 inches high, with the lower portion at a more standard height. It’s perfect for placing an all-in-one computer on the higher portion with keyboard and mouse at standard height.

Depending on how you place this in a room, it might really make a statement - if you want it to. It comes from Ameriwood, which is a really innovative company. They have a ton of other great products on their Amazon store. You may find the perfect piece to compliment your retro riser desk!

Tribesigns Computer Desk, 63 inch Large Office Desk, Study Writing Table for Home Office, Easy Assemble, White Gold

This desk makes a very clean statement. You’ll probably find that it best fits in with modern, uncluttered decor. With it’s wide open design, it won’t dominate a room. This is probably best kept relatively clean, and is great for people who work on a laptop and won’t necessarily need a lot of equipment permanently taking up space.

There’s several color combinations to choose from. The leg section is either gold, black or white. The desktops are wood tones, white or black. It sits just under 30 inches high, and gives a very generous 62.99 by 23.62 of working surface.

It has a 4.6 out of 5 rating on Amazon. People praised the fact that it has an “expensive look” but not an expensive price. They also liked the solid feel and ease of assembly.

ODK 63 inch Super Large Computer Writing Desk Gaming Sturdy Home Office Desk, Work Desk with A Storage Bag and Headphone Hook, Black

This great desk screams, “Twitch Streamer!” With all the room and options, it’s a great choice for just about anyone. If you are a serious gamer, or someone with multiple monitors, microphones, lights and other stuff to make streaming videos this may be a great desk for you. Crypto Day trader? Stockbroker? Blogger? This desk will help you be comfortable and productive.

FIrst it's available in multiple sizes. You can get in 31, 39, 47, 55 and 63 inch versions. The desktops are available in black, woodtones, white and more.  It also has a nifty fabric “bag” that attaches to the side. You can use that for folders, books, a laptop, remotes and whatever else you need. Speaking of gaming and streaming, it features an integrated headphone hook so you keep your headset or headphones out of the way when you aren’t using them.

All versions of the desk are 29 inches high. The clean, open design is great for heavy tech users because you won’t need to feed cables and wires through endless bends of grommets.